Vorselaar recap

Guess who was on drivin’ duty last Saturday.. Damn, Truken Troef III Skate all day/ Rock all night!, that was fun! Prize for best new mosh move goes to the hero that made rolling over the floor laughing real again! Munster, you’re next!

Pictures by Max Fransen.


Coming up: Vorselaar

Vorselaar! Sunday!
Skateboarding,punkrock and Stella van ‘t vat!! With Nervous Shakes Belgium, 458 & Sons of Disaster.


May 9th – La Louvière: Cancelled

Hope this will be the last fucking downer we’ll have to post here for the forseeable future. If losing Kelly wasn’t enough, our last show together at La Taverne du Théâtre, La Louvière (tomorrow) got cancelled.

An absolute downer, given we won’t get another chance to play together. This was it.. Kel, all the best and none of the worst! We’ll miss the hell out of you.


Kingsday recap!

Today is Kingsday in the Netherlands. A day when everyone dresses orange, buys second hand stuff and drinks a lot of beer. We played a show in Etten-Leur. We brought some Orange cabs and Fleur rocked a No Fun At All a shirt in the colors of our flag 🇱🇺Royal Families are pretty lame but partying together is pretty fun  Thanks all for rocking out with us! Here are some cool photos by Max Fransen!

Looking for a guitar god(dess)!

HEY YOU! MARCH is looking for a new guitar player (M/F/X)!

If ticking all the boxes below makes you feel all giddy inside, we’re sure the feeling will be mutual. Send us an e-mail with a short intro and some recordings of you playing (PM or info@marchofficial.com) if you’re interested! We’ll be in touch soon.


Do you crunch riffs for breakfast and backing vocals for lunch?
Do you hardly have to think about skipping dinner to drive around the country and play some songs?
Do you love bouncing around on stages big and small while playing your guitar so goddamn tight it screams for mercy? Then we’re quite sure you’re the guitar hero we need!

– You’re in love with guitar and like to sing some backings
– Your prefer rock and punk over soft jazz
– The Bronx are a band, not a place, as far a you’re concerned
– You’ve got experience playing in bands and the motivation of a Viking with a fresh pillaging in sight
– You don’t mind playing and rehearsing a lot (+40 shows / year including tours)
– You can live with the idea of having a Belgian in your band

We rehearse in Breda but try to use online tools as much as possible.
There’s a new album in the making for which we’ve got some songs ready, but we’re excited to see what you can bring to the table.
Obviously gender / age / location / nationality don’t matter. Don’t sleep on it!

Dammit, Kelly.

Well, time to make lemonade, cause we’ve been dealt a pretty bitter lemon.. Even though we’ve had an incredible time together this past year, Kelly has decided to take some time off playing music and quit our little quartet. The personal (and very understandable) reasons she’s given us became a bit too big to ignore. You can read some words from her below. Needless to say we’re devastated to lose our solo shredding, fun rock animal with her golden voice.

However, we’re happy we get to play 2 last shows together. If you’re around, come and give her a goodbye to remember tomorrow at Junkfest 2, Siegen (DE) or May 09th @ Taverne du Théatre, La Louvière. As far as the rest of us goes, we’re still having way too much fun to call it quits. Except for El Topo Goes Loco, hero of the year Bert Floren (New Pokerface fame) has agreed to fill in for Kelly until further notice. This gives us a bit more time to look for a definitive solution. Dammit, Kel. Bye, Kel. It’s been a blast <3

“Sadly, due to other priorities, I see myself forced to quit MARCH. It’s a really sad thing to do, but personally the right one to take.. The shows in Siegen (DE) on April 7th and La Louvière (BE) on May 9th will be the last ones I’ll play. I’ll sorely miss MARCH and thus Fleur, Jare and Thomas. It’s been an incredibly fun year that I wouldn’t have want to miss for the world. There’s loads I’ll remember: Our UK and EU tours, meeting The Penske File (& Ralph!), our disco themed merch case, the plays on words (DU MAL, Fleur! DU MAL), playing tour bingo on the road, Tino’s tourquiz, the random magician’s performance in Tours (FR), playing a halfpipe during a skate contest, meeting enthusiastic people at the shows, driving to the 3FM studio’s at night, playing KNRD fest in the middle of the woods while dodging wasps, playing Popronde, the veg food backstage, the first time in 17 years that I forgot to bring my amp, killing countless strings, good breakfast but oh so nasty hangovers on tour, some weird afterparty in the UK, Zimmie, acting nuts backstage, meeting heaps of new people, pretty much always beating Fleur at fussball, Thomas’ Ozzy shirts, Jare’s Red Bull scents and especially the awesome music of MARCH. It’s been a true pleasure and you’ll be deeply missed… Love, Kel”

Jera on air!

Jera On Air kindly invited us to play this year’s edition!
So damn siked to play another top punk/hardcore fest and excited to see a lot of personal favourites and friendly faces on the lineup. See you in Ysselsteijn!


Sad kids to the front!

Shoreline just released a compilation with a whole lot of gems, and included one of our tunes along the way. We met these guys playing Nurnberg a couple of weeks ago, and thinking about that night just kicks our post tour blues into second gear again :'( “Sad kids to the front” is a pretty appropriate title. Give it a spin!


Also available on Bandcamp !

Personal favourites: The Penske File 😍the deadnotesSpanish Love SongsThe Burnt Tapes & Fights And Fires

Punk rock holiday!

Looks like early August, we’ll be packing our swim suits, flip flops and sunglasses and set our sat navs to Tolmin, Slovenia. We’ve been added to the insane lineup of Punk Rock Holiday​ 2018! Good to see CAMP HIGH GAIN​ is playing as well!

We also have some tickets to sell. If you’re interested, check out our webshop.

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/127176887904353/


Kaj @ 3FM radio!

Gisteren waren we te gast bij nachtbraker Kaj Van Der Ree op 3FM! Heb je gewoon carnaval gevierd of dan toch geen zin gehad om 2 uur aan je radio gekluisterd te zitten? Herbeluister dan hier de uitzending! Wij komen langs op 40:36, 1:29:50 en 1:37:30.