T-shirt Stop Racism! (supporting The Bail Project)


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Stop Racism!

In light of recent events and the historical atrocities that led up to them, we could no longer sit back and do nothing. Trying to find out how we could do our little part to help put a stop to systemic racism, we teamed up with Segolia Design to raise funds for the good cause. We are sure the BlackLivesMatter movement is exactly what is needed to allow people of color to be treated equally. To enable them to live life in the same way we tend to take for granted.

All proceeds of this shirt will go to  The Bail Project, a nonprofit that provides free bail assistance for low-income individuals, reunites families and restores the presumption of innocence.

If you want to inform yourself and better understand the struggle people of color go through, have a look at this comprehensive article, providing plenty of material and ways to learn to be a better ally in as little as 10 minutes a day.

Design by: Segolia World

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