Brakrock Duffel!

Brakrock Ecofest 2018 is starting tomorrow! Looks like it’s going to be one of the hottest editions ever (horrible pun intended).

Come turn water into sweat with us for a whole 30 minutes at the River stage, Saturday, 12:45! And just to soften the blow a little: Here’s a list of worse places to be.

Beatz & Bandz Lottum!

Living for the weekend, yet again. Saturday 19:45 Bandz Stage at Beatz & Bandz 2018, Lottum! Can’t wait to see your moves!


Clowns support @ Db’s, Utrecht!

Fuck yeah! Supporting Clowns together with Torrential & Mary Fields at dB’s Utrecht, Sun August 12th!

Youth Brigade Festival!

Heeeeeey, Deutsche freunden! Depending on what’s happening in the world cup tomorrow, you might see our Belgian in his best mood in a while!

FZW, Dortmund this Friday with a whole lot of other bands to discover. See you at Club II, 23:00! 🌪️🔥

Jera on Air: aftermovie!

IT’s HERE! Our official Jera On Air aftermovie. Can you spot yourself somewhere? Thanks to everyone who came out to see us. We can’t wait for the next big ones Brakrock Ecofest and Punk Rock Holiday! See you there?! | Video made by Max Fransen & Jelle van Dun @ Rise Above Visual Concepts

Jera on air: Recap

Little recap of Jera on Air by Gresle Photography! Still buzzing 🙌Aftermovie coming up soon!

Jera on Air: Sold out!

Holy whatnow? Jera on Air is officially, totally, completely, utterly sold out! Siked to be a part of this year’s edition We’re playing The Buzzard on Saturday @ 14h00. Come say hi, have a drink, let’s hang out and have a ball!

World skate center: Review!

KLANKGAT schreef een stuk over afgelopen zaterdag toen we speelden in het World Skate Centre in Den Bosch met He Said No & Teuk McGraig

Punk avond in World Skate Center Den Bosch


On our way to Munster for this a Punkrock Terror party! With Wutgeschoss, Granulat & Harker

Punk rock holiday 1.8: Day splits!

Punk Rock Holiday 1.8 day splits got announced! We’re playing the beach stage on Tuesday, August 7th. Hope to see some familiar faces and meet new Melon Ball enthusiasts!

Still looking for a ticket? Look no further! We’ve got some left at