Holy smokes Manchester!

Holy smokes Manchester, that was so much fun!!!! 100% worth the 24 hour (😅) drive for a single show.

Thanks so much for having us and singing along with us. @ian_tree you and your mates did an amazing job booking 178 bands?! (Dafuq that’s dedication) @growlievaa and @sima__mish so good to see you and watch @notontour play, can’t wait for our shows together in Berlin and Hamburg! Thanks @bram_bergs to fill in for @jareafterfive as he’s making his way back from the US (sorry for trolling jn the band app Jeroen) and a huuuuge big thanks all the amazing punkrockers in the UK scene who make festivals like this a true gem all together, love you! Now heading back home with a can of Vimto fizzy, salt n vinegar crisps and @joow3’s bags 😉

Oh! and if anyone made cool footy or photos like @greslephotography (🙏) please send them to us, that’d be amazeballs. #manchesterpunkfestival@mcrpunkfest #bandlife #tourlife

Hail the Tree

All hail the Tree 🖤 One week to go, getting well excited for MPF!

One Week ‘Til Manchester Punk Festival: An Interview With The Tree


Bow chika wow. Just stumbled on the magnificent posterart for our show w. Tusky at Vera Groningen! 👌😮

Patronaat show

THIS FRIDAY: Hermances very first hometown show with us! Patronaat Haarlem with Smash The Statuesand Total Seclusion AND you get all that for FREEEEEEE. Come down, let’s stoke some neighbours!

Pic by A++ human being Max Fransen — bijAncienne Belgique – AB.

Tusky release tour

Word is out: Tusky releases their Love Love Love EP on May 3d, and we’ll be shredding some gnar with them on the NL dates of their release tour!

2.5 🇧🇶 Dynamo Eindhoven
3.5 🇧🇶 dB’s Utrecht [Release show – SOLD OUT] 9.5 🇧🇶 Vera Groningen

Just like their riffs, tickets are gonig fast. Don’t sit on it!


Bordal Fest

Day 3/4 of tour.

Bordal Fest you were fucking incroyable!!! We feel honoured to have played at this amazing fest in Bordeaux. The whole band agrees that this show is ending up in our alltime top 10 so far 👌🏻❤️💀. A magical combination of French garlic cheese, bunkbeds, bicycles, beers, a guy shooting a documentaire on vhs, and that buzzing feeling you get when awesome dedicated people unite. Gérald you are the bomb and we want to thank you for getting us over! See you again Bordeaux!!! Shout outs to The Sobers OffshOre B.I.A.S_Official UNION JACK Burdigala Records PicoleVOID // BDX keep kicking ass!

Bar le Campus

#mood last night! Playing at Bar le Campus in Tours. With a fantastic assortment of Belgian beers we had a night to never forget. We heard a marimba in a tropical Noise band for the first time (thanks EPIQ) and loved the guys in Endless Dive for bringing some solid kick ass postrock 🙏

A huuuge thanks to the best of dudes Brice GoatCheese for promoting the show, beds and coffee ❤️ (we will be back and we might cover Alizee just for you). Also thanks to Marine from First Draft for hanging out, you rock girl! (Fans of Brutus, check them out).

We’re off to the next stop: Bordeaux!!! to play at Bordal Fest tonight and it’s#internationalwomensday! Equal rights are not a given, take a second, count your blessings, and fight against dinosaur sexism #girlstothefront ❤️

le Club

Day 1 of our French tour is in the books! Played at Le Klub in Paris. A huge thanks to We Pay All The Time Shows for taking good care of us, also❤️ to Quitters and Love Computer for being rad bands! On to the next stop: TOURS, Bar le Campus! 🇫🇷 🚐💨

GRöli music

Hey y’all, meet Eva! She’s one awesome gal, and one that knows how to book a great gig at that.

We’re very happy to join Not On TourSMOKE OR FIRE-OFFICIALAustin LucasAndy The Band (mandatory Satanic Surfers namedrop) and Eat Defeat (mandatory Summers namedrop) on her booking roster at GRöli music.

If you’re outside of BE & NL, and would like to have us on your stage, one address: eva.roelen@gmail.com !

French Weekender

Aww yess, French weekender coming up! Next to the Obvious good times, that’s 4 days of trying to mute each others snoring symphonies. So much for the glamour of rock ‘n roll 🤷‍♂️

6.3 🇫🇷 Le Klub, Paris w. Quitters & Love Computer
7.3 🇫🇷 Bar le Campus, Tours w. Endless Dive & EPIQ
8.3 🇫🇷 Bordal Fest, Bordeaux w. UNION JACKjohk & …
9.3 🇫🇷 Espace El Doggo, Limoges w. Topsy Turvy’s

Event links in the comments! A bientôt, les amis 🎉🥐🥖🍷

Tons of thanks to We Pay All The Time ShowsGoat CheeseBurdigala Records & SHOW SET for setting this up