Looking for a guitar god(dess)!

HEY YOU! MARCH is looking for a new guitar player (M/F/X)!

If ticking all the boxes below makes you feel all giddy inside, we’re sure the feeling will be mutual. Send us an e-mail with a short intro and some recordings of you playing (PM or info@marchofficial.com) if you’re interested! We’ll be in touch soon.


Do you crunch riffs for breakfast and backing vocals for lunch?
Do you hardly have to think about skipping dinner to drive around the country and play some songs?
Do you love bouncing around on stages big and small while playing your guitar so goddamn tight it screams for mercy? Then we’re quite sure you’re the guitar hero we need!

– You’re in love with guitar and like to sing some backings
– Your prefer rock and punk over soft jazz
– The Bronx are a band, not a place, as far a you’re concerned
– You’ve got experience playing in bands and the motivation of a Viking with a fresh pillaging in sight
– You don’t mind playing and rehearsing a lot (+40 shows / year including tours)
– You can live with the idea of having a Belgian in your band

We rehearse in Breda but try to use online tools as much as possible.
There’s a new album in the making for which we’ve got some songs ready, but we’re excited to see what you can bring to the table.
Obviously gender / age / location / nationality don’t matter. Don’t sleep on it!