Do you like The Distillers? Do you like Motörhead? Well, whether you do or don’t, you’ll LOVE MARCH. The Dutch/Belgian punk rock quartet tears through guitar and vocal chords alike, bringing you the most intense live show this side of The Bronx.
Aggression? Check.
Melody? Check.
Sheer exhilaration? Check, check and check.

Initially formed as a trio in 2013, MARCH quickly and steadily built a reputation for working hard, playing hard and not looking back. 2016 saw the critically acclaimed release of debut album “Stay Put” on White Russian Records. 2017 saw two new members joining, turning the band into a balanced constellation of genders.

As for the future, look for them on the stage. Having toured with the likes of Valient Thorr, Red City Radio, The Bennies, Pears and Clowns in the UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium, MARCH have tasted blood and lust for more – much more.

“Going crazy on a fine piece of authentic punkrock… Catchy hooks and ditto vocals made me play the tracks at the unholiest of times. Like a neurotic junk soothing himself with the thought: Just one more, and everything will be OK again.” – Never mind the hype (www.nmth.nl)

“As expected, instruments are being manhandled, but the raw edge on the vocals adds a unique twist to the whole. The added bits on lead guitar fit in perfectly with the punk vibe of the music.” – Smash press (www.smashpress.nl)


Fleur – Vocals / Guitar
Kelly – Guitar / Vocals
Jeroen – Bass / Vocals
Thomas – Drums