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Every other week I write micro blurb reviews of amazing new music and records. Below is the latest batch of music that you need to check out.

Wild new buttons!

Wild new buttons!

More grins

Post Prilpop grins with main mosh instigator Frans! Photo by Tom Overloop

Fat grin!

Prilpop! Wij zijn nog even aan het bijkomen met een dikke grijns op onze smoel. Beeldmateriaal volgt later… #vollebak #allesnaardeklote #micinjemik


Still so very excited to play KNRD fest 2017! Why? Because last year’s edition looked like a grade A party!

Grab yourself a ticket and come do some polonaises with us and the rest of the chaps on this year’s stellar lineup!



Komende zaterdag 22:00 spelen op Prilpop! Met o.a. Wildebeast, The Devil’s 3rd & Shaemless.

Friday madness!!

Friday madness with Filthy Felons!

Slim in de lift


Thrilled to announce we will be playing at KNRD Fest 2017, Germany with this kick ass line up!
PEARS – the band| F.O.D.| GET DEAD | Not On Tour | Darko | Faintest Idea | Thee Infidels | Straightline | Fights And Fires | Edward in Venice | actionmen | OAT | The Wonder Beers | Acid Snot| The Overjoyed