EU tour: Video!

We’re on tour! Here’s some footy on how we’ve been rolling with The Penske File!

We’re on tour! Here’s some footy on how we’ve been rolling with The Penske File!

Geplaatst door MARCH op zondag 28 januari 2018

EU tour is go!

Awww maaaannnn! We’re joining The Penske File tonight for a 10 day stint through Belgium, France & Germany. Let’s have ourselves a party!

26/01/2018 – Rixensart (BE) – MJRix
27/01/2018 – Le Havre (FR) – McDaids
28/01/2018 – Tours (FR) – Canadian Café
29/01/2018 – Paris (FR) – Supersonic
30/01/2018 – Lomme (FR) – Bobble Café
01/02/2018 – Nurnberg (DE) – Zentral Cafe
02/02/2018 – Lennestadt (DE) – OT
03/02/2018 – Marl (DE) – JuZ Hagenbusch
04/02/2018 – Mechelen (BE) – De Club

Last man standing: Recap!

Did you know our main hunk Max Frenchfries is as goodlooking as he is good with a camera? Have a look at the pics he shot at Last Man Standing last Friday!

New shirts!

We’ve got some brand new shirt designs available (Sizes S to XXL)! Head to our webshop to check ‘m out!


The Funhouse II! Next best thing since Crossbonefest. Look at that beauty of a poster and lineup 🤘
We’re planning a couple of great parties in Belgium, more tba soon! #odierbaarbelgie #juupkes #jareblij

WRR 12 step program: I against I!

Got included in I against I‘s 12 step program playlist! Thanks guys 😍

If you haven’t checked it out yet: 12 step program is an initiative of our labelbabes at White Russian Records. Bands on the WRR roster share 12 bands that inspired/impressed them in a way. Interesting listens/reads! Ours is coming up in the near future!

Read more or listen on Spotify!

EU tour w. The Penske File!

How weird would life get without a tour once in a while? We’re heading out for a 10 day stint with The Penske File from Jan. 26th till Feb. 4th!

New year, new adventures!

On this last day of the year it’s time to get a little emo. Let’s look back on memorable moments of 2017!

#1 We started 2017 hunting down new band members. End of January we found two gems to join the band, Kelly Kockelkoren and Jeroen Meeus.

#2 stands for 2 UK tours. We received some warnings it was a terrible idea but we had such an amazing time that we had to go back again in December!

#3 Prilpop The first show where we encountered magic sparkles in our new line up.

#4 Claiming The Crown a sweet hometown show with crowd surfers and sing alongs, we also shot our first live video of Such a Drag here.

#5 KNRD fest in Hormersdorf was a fucking blast.

#6 We were selected to play Popronde Nederland and played a whole bunch of great shows!

#7 Bidi is a legendary Dutch rocker and booker who passed away last year and is dearly missed. He arranged us and Deadheads a fantastic gig on the RosRock Festival<3

#8 Moments with DennisBertBram, who where there when others couldn’t. A huge thanks!

#9 Tino‘s Tour Quiz, you’ve never witnessed a quiz more put together than this one, it was amazing. Legendary band life moments here.

#10 Punkrock Riot Breda, we are proud to have joined in on the party at the coolest punk rock club in Breda!

Do you have any sweet memories of us last year? Let us know in the comments!

40 and all done for 2017!

Number #40 of 2017! Tonight is our last show of the year in Lessines at the album release of CORBILLARD! Notice something weird in this picture?

Breda, it’s January or never (say never)!

Breda! On January 19th, we’re playing our first hometown show in 6 months (and it will be our last one for a while as well).

Check out Last Man Standing Festival Breda with WildebeastThe Broken Anchors, Schuulak, Wasteland ViperTerraDown and Revölvo. Nom!